Nowhere Town : Ludlow

After the Battle of London, life in the UK and Europe changed. The Warden resides in Ludlow, and has control of the supernatural of the United Kingdom and the majority of Europe. A freeform room which consists of Humans, Wolves, Vampires and Witches.

Reborn : Ventura, CA

The home of Myths and Legends reborn, you'll find many characters here. The Reborn have also made their homes in Friday Harbor, Washington, and Resurrection, Alaska. A freeform room which consists of Humans and Reborn, both Aware and Unaware. No powers.

Beware The Moon : NWT

Amongst the Northwest Territories you'll find a collection of shifters, the largest of which is the Wolf Pack, run by Jack O'Callahan from the city of Yellowknife. You can also find coyotes, foxes and bears, among others; they have settled in different parts of the NWT.

Another Day : Bygone Era Roleplay

A trio of rooms, all set in different eras and genres: Medieval, Regency and Prohibtion. Currently only one active - Crown and Disorder: Britannia. A Medieval Fantasy set in an alternative Britannia, ruled over by King Fionnlagh. Forum partly under construction.

State of Emergency : London ARC

Anomalies are opening all over the world, and the London ARC is the original team that began dealing with the creatures that would come through. An elite, highly capable team, they spend their days dealing with dinosaurs and various prehistoric creatures. No powers.

Twisted Tales Fairytale Roleplay

A modern fairytale roleplay, in a modern city. The villains who usually fail in the stories, are running the city. No powers here, just good old-fashioned drama. Still in idea/research stage, no forum as of yet. COMING SOON.

Boston Forum

Welcome to Boston, MA, the home of Fenway Park, the Bruins, and.. mermaids?! A curious set of creatures has long since hidden within Boston and the surrounding state, all aquatic shifters. Still in idea/research stage, no forum as of yet. COMING SOON.

Bootleggers Bureau & Co. : A Design Community

Welcome to Bootleggers Bureau & Co. - a design community board that is different from your usual design board. Things are casual here - it's more of a place to relax and share your knowledge with others. || Temporarily Shelved ||

R E T R O P U N K Y : Personal Gallery

A link to my personal avatar and model galleries. Here is where all my current characters have all their avatars and there are some images of character houses. I also have links to several model galleries for design requests.